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IFS filter

Virus filter

The virus filters are used in rooms where people meet.

Viruses such as the coronavirus or flu viruses also spread through invisible particles in the air. So-called aerosols are the smallest particles that can float in the air for several hours. They arise wherever droplets are finely atomized, e.g. by speaking or singing. Viruses can thus be spread through the air over several meters and stay there for a long time.

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Areas of application


Meeting rooms

Waiting Areas

Doctor's offices

School classes

Daycare centers







Production facilities

and many more

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Our professional virus filter systems significantly reduce the aerosols in the room air such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust and thus ensure significantly less pollution of the room air. 

For this purpose, our virus filter systems are equipped with HEPA high-performance filters H 14. Thanks to the high degree of separation of more than 99.995% of all suspended matter larger than 0.1 μm, they filter almost all viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust.

Our HEPA high-performance filters H 14 are tested according to EN 1822 and EN 60335-2-69.

An additional filter element of filter class sPM1 55% is used to protect the high-performance filter from dust and pollen.

VF Virus filter

Whisper-quiet 29 -54 dB(A)!

Only modern, energy-efficient motors are built into our virus filters.

Since they are extremely quiet, they can easily be used in waiting rooms, meeting rooms, offices, etc.

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VF 700 S

VF 1000 / VF 1200

VF 1000 S / VF 1200 S

3 year guarantee on every virus filter system!