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IFS filter

Virenfilter VF 700 S

Virus filter VF 700 S

Product description

Our virus filter system VF 700 S is ideal for flexible use in our spatial facilities. The smooth running wheels need to drive the virus filter easily and the place of use. Commissioning is very easy. Insert the plug into a normal household 230 V socket, switch on the virus filter and you have already started to clean the room air from pollen, house dust, bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the speed-adjustable fan, the extraction performance can be optimally adapted to the size of the room. Our filter filter monitoring permanently checks the condition of the filter elements and signals dying via an optical display.

The VF 700 S is equipped with high-performance filter elements and controls via two filter stages:

  • Pre-filter of filter class ePM1 55%: Filters pollen and house dust
  • Main filter of filter class H14: Filters viruses and bacteria

Price: 1.950,- €*

3 year guarantee on every virus filter system!

Virus filter VF 700 S

Technical specifications

Model:VF 700 S
Dimensions L/W/H
450mm x 450mm x 1230mm
Housing design
Mobile steel housing with castors and brakes
Suction power100 to 700 m³
Noise level29 to 54 dB(A)
High-quality powder coating in RAL 7016 anthracite gray or 9010 pure white
60 kg
Filter assembly

1st filter stage

2nd filter stage

ePM1 55%

HEPA class H14
Filter monitoring
Differential pressure measurement
Total output170 watts
Operating voltage
230 V
Gesamtstromaufnahme1,5 A
Suction power
Noise level
100 m³/h
= 29 dB(A)
200 m³/h
= 36 dB(A)
300 m³/h
= 40 dB(A)
400 m³/h
= 43 dB(A)
500 m³/h
= 47 dB(A)
600 m³/h
= 50 dB(A)
700 m³/h
= 54 dB(A)

VF 700 S is suitable for the following room sizes with a room height of 2.5 m:

Air exchange
4x per hour70 m²
6x per hour
47 m²
8x per hour
35 m²

n. Several filter systems can be used in larger rooms.


  • Pre-filter ePM1 55%;
    Price: 70,- €*
  • Main filter HEPA filter class H14;
    Price: 170,- €*

* plus sales tax, shipping and packaging

VF Virus filter

Whisper-quiet 29 -54 dB(A)!

Only modern, energy-efficient motors are built into our virus filters.

Since they are extremely quiet, they can easily be used in waiting rooms, meeting rooms, offices, etc.

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