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Due to the corona pandemic, the topic of room air filtration has been treated intensively in the media.

We have put together some interesting links with further information for you:

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The room air polluted with aerosols (viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust) is extracted by the virus filter system. The suspended matter is filtered out of the air by a pre-filter of filter class ePM1 55% and a HEPA high-performance filter H 14. The clean air is returned to the top of the room.

The resulting air circulation causes a clean air zone to be created around the filter system. The constant circulation of air means that viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust are permanently filtered out. This lowers the aerosol concentration to a minimum and the risk of infection is significantly reduced.

Yes! Our virus filter has a degree of separation of more than 99.995% of all suspended particles larger than 0.1 μm and thus filters almost all viruses and bacteria. The coronavirus is bound to the smallest suspended particles in the air (so-called aerosols) that are significantly larger than 0.1 µm. This means that the coronavirus can also be filtered out of the air. For this reason, the high-performance H 14 filters that we use are also used in operating theaters or similar hygiene-sensitive areas.

Yes! Since the virus filter also filters out pollen, fine dust and house dust from the room air, allergy sufferers are significantly less stressed. For this we use a separate pre-filter of filter class ePM1 55%.

Advertise to your customers that you use virus filters and thus the pollution of the air in your sales rooms, restaurant, fitness studio, supermarket or the like is significantly reduced by permanent filtration of viruses, bacteria and pollen. This gives your customers a higher feeling of security.

Due to the contact restrictions during the corona pandemic period, fewer infections from flu viruses and other infectious diseases were recorded. The virus filter systems can ensure a significantly reduced pollution of the air with viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust even after the corona pandemic. As a result, employees in the workplace are less infected, which leads to less downtime at work.

In addition, the virus filter should be part of your hygiene concept.

Depending on the ceiling height and virus filter system type (VF 700 S / VF 1000 / VF 1200), a filter system can be used for rooms up to a maximum of 70 m² / 107 m² / 130 m². To maintain the recommended 6-fold air exchange rate, the room should not be larger than 47 m² / 71 m² / 87 m². Several virus filter systems can be set up in larger rooms.

In order to ensure use in meeting, lounge and business rooms without disturbing noise emissions, the most modern, whisper-quiet fans are used in the virus filter systems. With a volume of 29 to 54 dB (A) - measured at a distance of 1 m - our systems are barely noticeable.

A standard household socket with 230 V is sufficient for the virus filter.

The most modern, energy-efficient motors are built into the virus filter systems. The power consumption for systems in this category is very low with a maximum of 125 W for the VF 1000 (S), 170 W for the VF 700 S and 300 W for the VF 1200 (S).

The most modern, energy-efficient motors are built into the virus filter systems. The power consumption for systems in this category is very low with a maximum of 125/170/300 W, depending on the virus filter type

You can obtain the virus filters directly from us. This also applies to accessories such as the silencer and the replacement filter elements.

Various funding measures are currently being discussed and initiated at the federal and state levels

Of course, the systems can also be leased. We would be happy to make you a separate offer for this.

We recommend changing the high-performance filter H14 or H13 annually if used as intended, and the 55% ePM1 prefilter every six months.

The two filter elements of the filter system are each fixed with 4 knurled screws and can easily be exchanged. The exchange must be carried out taking into account the protective measures in the operating instructions.

In principle, you can maintain the virus filter yourself. 

However, we point out that the maintenance of the filter systems should be carried out by qualified personnel. When replacing the high-performance filter elements, the hygiene protection measures must be observed. See VDI 6022. 

You can purchase the easy-change filters directly from us.

The viruses survive on surfaces such as our filter elements for about one day, a maximum of 72 hours. Therefore, additional killing is not necessary.

On request, we will be happy to make you an individual offer for the maintenance of your virus filter system.

The replacement H14 particulate filter for the VF 700 S is € 170, the ePM1 55% pre-filter is € 70 plus VAT and, if applicable, shipping and disposal costs.

The replacement H14 particulate filter for the VF 1000 (S) is € 175, the ePM1 pre-filter 55% € 75 plus VAT and possibly shipping and disposal costs.

The replacement H13 particulate filter for the VF 1200 (S) is € 175, the ePM1 55% € 75 plus VAT and shipping and disposal costs, if applicable.

IFS filter

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